Tired is the New Black.

Fatigue is fashionable and everyone seems to be wearing it.  To be tired has become a measurement of success.  It means you’re busy doing something, and the busier you are, the better you must be.  This strange sort of rationale seems to be a product of our competitive, stressed-out society, where things like lack of sleep and ridiculous work schedules are whined about in a strangely self-congratulatory way.  These things are unpleasant and awful, but are commonly treated like awards or accolades.  The insane part is that the sleep deprivation, itself, is treated as an achievement, and the bags under their eyes are worn like badges of honor.
Sleep is quite possibly the most crucial, yet undervalued, activity in regards to human health.  But people just can’t seem to grasp that or choose to ignore it.  These views are reinforced when celebrities like Donald Trump claim “sleep is for suckers,” and Lady Gaga tells OK! Magazine: “I’ll sleep when I am dead.”  Brad Pitt, Rhianna, Barack Obama, and Martha Stewart are among the so-called “sleep elite” who publicly attribute their success to shorter sleep schedules.  This glorification of sleep deprivation has become dangerously trendy.
Ironically, skimping on sleep is not at all glamorous.  It’s called beauty sleep for a reason. Lack of sleep is linked to moodiness, weight gain, failure to concentrate, poor memory, and premature aging.  (Not so pretty.)
Additionally, inadequate sleep can lead to more serious health issues like diabetes, hormonal imbalances, lowered immunity, decreased libido, digestive issues, obesity, and depression.
I hope I have inspired you to put this unhealthy way of thinking to bed.  In addition to being well rested, you’ll be stronger, smarter, and happier than your sleep starved peers.
Enjoy your day of rest!